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I'm Saitec

I'm SaiTec.

I build products, teams, startups from idea to final execution.

I build

Have you seen a one trick pony?
Why hello there 👋

A familiar time is between code, coffee and 6-week sprint cycles. I obsess over early stage startups and company building.

My motto is around creating things is the right balance between the heart, head & hands.

↓ this is my playground for things I write, my digital garden and projects I'm working on.


Writing is an essential part of my process. You can find some of my latest writing on substack.

Leading Effective PM Meetings

How do you run a PM meeting not for the heck of it, but to derive something by the time you finish one.

XR and the dumb idea paradox

Why products and ideas in VR and AR sound dumb, until they aren't.

Let me read it first >

What I Do

Product Management Flipkart.

A builder, entrepreneur and technology optimist.

I mostly talk about Extended Reality, early stage startups & No-Code SaaS products

A cricket buff. Swear by a good masala dosa and believe that the veshti is an underappreciated design marvel

Things I am passionate about

Virtual & Augmented Reality

I'm a big believer in the arc of computing and platform level changes in a 15-year cadence. The glasses are coming, and I've been working in this space for over 5 years, inching closer to that future.

No Code

We don’t have enough software engineers (and, in turn, enough good software). The No-Code revolution looks to fill this gap and I'm very passionate in helping startups leverage this advantage.

Product Management

I combine business, tech, and design in order to discover products that are valuable, feasible, and usable. Building things that people want, is tougher than it sounds.


The camera and the social graph are the next frontier in how you will buy. I'm leading the effort at building a camera and Augmented Reality platform for a billion Indians to shop better.

Deep tech

I help teams and founders create things between the impossible and the improbable. Deep tech offers category creation possibilities like none other. It is close to rocket science, and that's the point.

Early Stage Startups

The first months for a startup are the most exciting. Zero to One is the toughest phase. I create lean, highly effective MVPs during this phase whilst validating the problem and moving closer to PMF.

I’ve Cofounded


A no code platform for building Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experiences, that works in your browser.

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A hyperlocal delivery service built around getting things to you, over WhatsApp.

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Adaptive Learning Management System optimized for low cost tablet PCs for the next billion Indian learners

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Startup Mentorship

I mentor startups in accelerator programs

Urban Vault

Coworking and micro-warehousing spaces across Bangalore.

Platform for extracting knowledge and insights from unstructured sets of data.


Backpacker hostels across India focused on accessibility, community and comfort


Farm to Cup brand for exotic blue & purple floral teas


(YC) Audio content platform for Indian vernacular content & news

Mr. Phone

Top 100 Apps in 25+ countries for smartphone news and reviews

Ras Oils

A D2C brand for essential oils & wellness products


Product, packaging and space design firm


Building smart towers and command centers for the Govt of India


Agile same-day delivery platform for SMBs


A video recommendation engine powering large enterprises & OTTs


Deep tech focused product studio


Consumer mobile supplier & manufacturer in India


I prefer to be an operator, roll up my sleeves and work on interesting problems. From the little I learn through my battle scars, I advise startups (to questionable value) across their product, design & distribution:


Mexico Startup Summit

The Nathan Latka show

Under 25 Summit

Times University

Rajasthan Startup Summit

Unity Unite India conference

CNBC Young Turks

Facebook School of Innovation VR & AR Program

Facebook Reality Labs

Google for Developers


Kristu Jayanti College



Vikrant Group of Institutions

Sardar Patel University


Talks & Interviews

Inspiration is a little like Sugar

Academic Excellence: RVCE '16

YourStory Tech 30

Nasscom emerge 50

Facebook Build for tomorrow

Business World

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

TIE Antahprerana

Amrita TBI Awards

IIM Lucknow Top percentile internship


Note to self: I really need to dig out the old mementos before I forget.

Office Hours

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What I'm building

Chipping away on a few things that are pretty exciting for me to be working on

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